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  MON - FRI: 09.30PM
heading Genre: Drama
Mon - Fri 9:30pm

A folk narrative set in the sand dunes of Rajasthan; Kesariya Balam Aavo Hamare Des is the story of Rukmini's struggle through life and her fight with her destiny.

Rukmini, the eldest of the three siblings, is born in a poor Rajput family from Rajod. Rukmini lives with her father Madan, Stepmom Dhapu, younger sister Rasal and younger brother Gheesu. Rukmini and Rasal are the breadwinners of the household. An unfortunate incident in their childhood leaves Rukmini’s life scarred forever.

Meanwhile, the second part of the plot is set in Bhanwar Singh's house, whose family is known for its true blue Rajput nature, full of attitude and life. His family is known for its legacy and its stature created by the ancestors over many, many years. Bhanwar Singh’s nephew, Ranveer is an artist, romantic at heart and gets attracted to Rukmini and eventually gets married to her.

But Rukmini's scarred destiny gives her no happiness and she is left alone to fight her battle with fate.
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