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  MON - FRI : 09.30AM
heading Genre: Drama
Mon - Fri 9:30am

Kituu Sabb Jaantii Hai is the story of Kituu, a girl with fire in her heart and dreams in her eyes. She has grown up in an extremely middle class family, but dares to dream beyond the horizons of her little mohalla. She is the life and soul of the vicinity where she lives, the leader of her little gang of boys. Her simplicity, freshness and naivety catch the fancy of Rohan Kapoor, only son and heir to one of the biggest industrial house in the country. In a whirwind romance, Rohan sweeps her off her feet and Kituu fails head over heels in love. At about the same time, Kituu gets a job as a trainee in a television news channel. Torn between the pressure of a job that know no timings, and a lover who does not understand, Kituu makes a decision that changes her life. and does the unthinkable... The 20-year-old daughter of a middle class family rejects the scion of a millionaire family... and all hell breaks loose. Kituu`s mother, completely devastated by her broken engagement and her loss of face in society, wants her to get married. Ridden by the guilt of her mother`s stroke, Kituu agrees. Finally, her brother and bhabhi find a suitable match for her in the form of Amit, who works in the same bank as her brother. At this juncture, Yuvraj Dhanoa joins her workplace as channel head. Yuvraj is ruthless taskmaster. But Kituu`s work draws praise from even Yuvraj. They both make a fabulous team, and together they carry out daredevil operations and exposes, and become the last work in news coverage across the country. With life`s responsibilities increasing, and despite being in the enviable position of a leading newscaster in the country, will Kituu ever find her own peace?
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